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Many Thanks [Jun. 28th, 2007|05:01 am]


[mood |sicksick]

I just wanted to thank all the great ladies out there who helped me out the other week with makeup tips for the fancy dress party I went to. You were incredibly helpfull and I think I looked fantastic and I know I had a good time.
I don't know whether my skin did as I did break out in a slight rash from the makeup but thats not uncommon for me the most allergic person I know LOL.
I dont know if this is allowed so if it is not then please inform and it will be removed but behind the cut is a photo from the party of my makeup just a little cheers for the ladies who helped with the advice.

I used Manic Panice Virgin white pressed powder and Manic Panic Red eye shadow.

[User Picture]From: zildjian77
2007-06-29 06:45 am (UTC)
Damn I don't know what I did wrong hmmmm anyways I just paste a link to the entry in my own journal and you can see all the pics there.

Now knowing my luck the link wont work either LOL.It's been one of those weeks......bring on the end of this year!
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