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sydney_females's Journal

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This is a place for all the girls and women of Sydney, Australia to communicate and express themselves.

Please feel free to share your opinions, thoughts, advice, ideas and questions on any topic of interest with us all.

Post original photography, artwork, writings and self-expression.

Advertise/Sell home-made clothes, art and creations.

Post relevant upcoming Sydney courses, events, clubs, entertainment and attractions.

Discuss current events - political, social, feminist, human rights, environmental issues (with thought & consideration)

Respect one another. (a good sense of humour will probably help :)

Current Status = Moderated Membership
Requests to join are emailed for approval (for obvious reasons).
All females will be accepted (regardless of location).

Created by trasharama
Moderators nezzta cykolulu

if you have any questions, suggestions or would like an interest added please let us know.

Please note: Make sure you click the link to JOIN the community, not just monitor it, otherwise you won't be able to post. Then you will get an option to add "sydney_females" to your friends list.
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